HKUST Remotely Operated Vehicle Sub-team

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We design, source,
and manufacture our own robot


We have a passion for
learning and creating robots


We are a multinational
and interdisciplinary team


EPOXSEA, the HKUST Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Sub-team of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Robotics Team, has been competing in the annual Regional (Hong Kong) and International (United States) ROV Competition held by the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center.

We are entirely student-run and currently consisting of 17 undergraduate students specializing in mechanical, hardware and software design. Our ROV complete tasks including ensuring public safety, maintaining healthy waterways and preserving history for the upcoming 2021 competition.

Epoxsea Past ROVs


The robots that we manufacture to complete tasks

Main ROV - Photo Coming Soon!

Main ROV

Inspecting, maintaining and repairing the dam

Assessing the environment by processing data from sensors & conducting replacements and repairs for the dam

Micro-ROV - Photo Coming Soon!

Micro ROV

Examining the drain pipe

Investigating the inside of a drain pipe and retrieving a sediment sample to analyze for contaminants

Learn more about the 2021 MATE ROV Competition


Team Photo - Photo coming soon!


Chief Executive Officer
Nicholas Christanto Year 2 Computer Science-DDP
Chief Financial Officer
CHAN, Kin Yan Year 2 Civil Engineering-DDP
Chief Technical Officer
KWAN, Cheuk Kit Year 1 Integrative Systems and Design
Hardware Engineer
SO, Yee Leuk Year 2 Electronic Engineering
LAM, Humi Year 3 Electronic Engineer
RUSLI, Filbert Year 2 Electronic Engineer
YU, Kuang Jung Year 1 Engineering
Mechanical Engineer
CHAN, Kei Chi Year 2 Computer Science
CHAN, Tsz Fung Year 1 Engineering
CHEN, Jung-chi Year 1 Engineering
LEUNG, Wai Man Year 1 Engineering
Software Engineer
DANG, Vu Minh Year 2 Information Systems
WIDJAJA, Oscar Year 2 Computer Science-DDP
LUI, Nok Year 2 Electronic Engineering
LIM, Her Wei Year 1 Engineering
LO, Hau Ching Year 1 Engineering
TSANG, Hong Ting Year 1 Engineering