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Best year ever for HKUST ROV team

We managed to not only come in 3rd place world wide out of 600 teams, but also received the Sharkpedo award for out of the box design thinking. Additionally Rayan Armani won the individual award for most passion for the industry. Johannes Jaeger won the individual award casino for being the most valuable presenter. It was certainly worth all the delays and flight rebooking and endless hours of slaving away in the lab, and sweating in the non ventilated indoor pool 😀


Almost there …

The entire Epoxsea crew is now officially on the way to St. Johns, with everyone flying an average of 38 hours and 10,258 miles (each way), I think we are a strong candidate for the team, which travels the longest/furthest for the competition.  

MATE international competition live stream

The MATE international ROV competition heads back to St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada June 25-27, 2015! The mission times of our teams are Mission 1: 26 June 11:00am (26 June 9:00pm HK Time) Mission 2: 26 June 2:30pm (27June 12:30am HK Time) Mission 3: 27 June 10:30 am (27 June 8:30pm HK Time) Notes: due to tight schedule, the mission time may be postponed a little bit. Each mission task takes 30 mins. You are welcome to support us through the live video in the following link:


Stingray on the way

After having packed and unpacked our lab and robot almost three times, we are finally done packing and fitting out robot and lab into this year’s, relatively small crate. And it is not long before the rest of the team is flying out. Good luck everyone else, looking forward to meeting everyone in St. John’s next week.


Asia Champion in IET/MATE Underwater Robotics Explorer Class Competition

We have done it again!!! Endless hours in the lab, countless sleepless nights have finally paid off. Last weekend team EPOXSEA won the 1st place in the Hong Kong, Asia Regional, the qualifier for the 2015 MATE ROV International competition. It is confirmed we are going to St. John, Canada in June. Even though we faced several problems during the competition, our thorough preparation and training prepared us well for all the problems we faced. A huge thanks to all our supporters, sponsors and mentors, without you this would not have been possible


Introducing: THE STINGRAY

Team Epoxsea is proud to be presenting this years ROV, the Stingray. After endless hours of editing the technical documentation we have finally submitted it, and are a step closer to the Asia regionals, which are happening in Hong Kong next weekend. PS: If you want to see the machine come and support us in Tsuen Kwan O Swimming Pool. For more details visit

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Hong Kong Regionals here we come

It has been a while that we have updated our website. Long hours in the lab and pool are the main reason for this. Over the past several weeks we have been working hard on completing the technical documentation for the competition, as well as spending long hours in the pool to train the control and poolside crew.  

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Epoxsea goes to the beach!

Slaving our Winter break away for our awesome ROV was tough, so we decided it is time to take a break and get some much deserved R&R at Long’s Secret Beach. Packed with drinks and s’mores, we set off after sunset. It rained earlier the day, but hiking through wet rocks over the cliffside proved no match against Epoxsea’s teamwork and coordination. Although we did lose some drinks, we arrived at the beach relatively unscathed. A campfire was soon set up and the rest of the night blurred out to the sounds of crashing waves, drinks, s’mores, music, and laughter.

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It as been exactly two month since we launched our website. We would like extend a warm thank you to all our supporters from around the world. Going way beyond our expectation, we have so far had visitors from over 40 countries.